Are Basketball Shoes Good For Lifting

Are Basketball Shoes Good For Lifting? 5 Helpful Tips

Have you wondered, Are basketball shoes good for lifting? This is a good option if you like lifting weights and playing basketball!

In recent years, basketball shoes have become a feasible footwear option among weightlifters.

Basketball shoes are a good choice for weightlifters for a variety of factors, including their supportive, stable, and comfy fit. However, not every pair of basketball shoes is built for weightlifting.

While deciding what kind of shoes to use when lifting weights, there are many different things to consider. Basketball shoes, according to some, are the ideal choice since they provide support and stability for rapid movements.

Can You Wear Basketball Shoes To Lift?

Lifting with a pair of basketball shoes provides considerable advantages to your stability, flexibility, and ankle and heel aid. 

With their high arches, basketball shoes are much too rigid and flat to be suitable for weightlifting. You shouldn’t wear your basketball sneakers while heavy lifting weights.

Some essential features are less desired due to the lack of comfort and stability in the ankles that come with wearing high heels.

Specialized weightlifting footwear is designed to maximize stability while lifting heavy loads by improving foot fit, providing additional support, and boosting traction on both sides of the foot.

Are Basketball Shoes Good For Lifting? 5 Reasons To Know

Reasons Why Basketball Shoes are good for lifting

Basketball shoes are a popular option for weightlifting for several reasons.

1. Comfortable

The increased comfort they give is the primary reason weightlifters pick them. If a basketball player wants to focus on the game’s mechanics without being distracted by foot pain, the shoe in question has to be as cushioned and supportive as feasible.

That’s also true with weightlifting, by the way. The last thing you want to consider while going for a max lift in a squat or deadlift is a little pain in your sole or skin irritation.

These are common complaints when lifting shoes, in which the sole is exceptionally tough to permit the most effective force transmission.

However, efficiency won’t work until the lifter gives 110% effort.

2. Good Ankle Support

When lifting, having good ankle support is necessary. And basketball shoes are good enough for lifting due to their ankle support. When you lift weights, your feet and ankles will remain stable, which helps reduce the risk of injury. A wide variety of footwear designed specifically for basketball offers excellent ankle support.

Because basketball is played at such a high intensity, the shoes that players wear need to withstand significant abuse. For a pair of basketball shoes to last for a long time, the material and structure must be high quality.

3. Durable

When it comes to selecting a lifting shoe, this may make them a fantastic choice for lifters who are searching for functionality as well as durability.

Whether you lift one move or numerous, basketball shoes are built to endure a long time and resist everything you throw at them.

Despite the significant financial investment required, basketball shoes are popular among weightlifters who prioritize functionality and durability.

4. Excellent Support for the Heels

When you move laterally from side to side during a game, these shoes will give you the stability and support you need. Since of this, they are great for weightlifting because they make it easier to keep your balance and remain in control even when lifting large weights.

5. Basketball shoes Offer a Grip.

The grip provided by the rubber outsole of the basketball shoe is excellent. Consider the amount of movement and quickness required of a basketball player during a game.

If there was no traction on the basketball floor, the players could not keep their bodies under control and would slide all over the place.

Basketball shoes have a level of grip and traction that is on par with lifting shoes and is far higher than the typical running shoe.

Traction is essential during lifts such as the squat to enhance ground covering and assist lifters in feeling safe and comfortable.

What kind of lifts should you avoid in basketball?

What kind of lifts should you avoid in basketball

Because of the cushioning in basketball shoes, some lifts should be avoided if possible. To reiterate, basketball footwear is intended to be sturdy and stable.

When you are wearing basketball shoes, you should not do the workouts that are listed below.

1. Calf exercises

There is a possibility that the extensive ankle support provided by basketball shoes may restrict the range of motion in your calves.

When you want to get the most out of your calf exercise, wearing basketball shoes might impede you from achieving a complete contraction and a productive workout.

2. Long-distance cardio

It is possible that these shoes are not the best choice for you if you want to run constantly on the treadmill for thirty minutes or longer. If your goal is to improve your running performance, you should look for shoes that are lighter and have less traction.

Is lifting a good idea while wearing Basketball Shoes?

Shoes are one of the most important elements of our athletic gear, and as such, they hugely impact how well we do while working out or participating in sports.

In addition, wearing inappropriate footwear might increase your risk of being hurt in an accident. Consequently, selecting the appropriate footwear is essential for the sport of basketball as well as the sport of weightlifting.

If you perform a lot of powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, or other forms of strength training that need a stronger shoe with a flat bottom, it is not recommended to use basketball shoes. Instead, go for a pair of shoes specifically designed for such activities.

The impact of weightlifting on your feet is much lower than that of basketball. Shoes designed for basketball are often made of heavier materials and have a more robust construction.

On the other hand, weightlifting shoes are designed to provide more flexibility when exercising.

If you were doing greater lifts or exercises that needed stability and a hard surface to push off, it would be in your best interest to wear footwear designed specifically for weightlifting.


We have tried to cover about if basketball shoes are good for lifting and yes, they may be used for lifting if you desire a shoe that provides more ankle support, but in most situations, these shoes are not the best for lifting.

The shoes are intended for fast movements and provide little support for heavy lifting because of their design.

What footwear do you like to use when working out, and why? Have you ever tried on a pair of basketball shoes? Please leave your comment in the section below.