Can a Cobbler Make Shoes Smaller

Can a Cobbler Make Shoes Smaller | Shoes Runners

Observation, research, and experience are essential for oversized or re-sized items. It depends on how you manage and make it suitable for your customers. When we talk about shoes or a pair of shoes, then their matching and size are essential. It should be comfortable to wear, easy to walk or run, and easy to feel.

In this article, we will discuss the possibilities of reducing shoe size and some drawbacks. We will identify how a cobbler mends or makes a shoe to reduce the size to small. After deep research, we can say that a small extent for a cobbler can make it smaller. He cannot shrink shoes, i.e. decrease the volume.

How Can a Cobbler Make Shoes Smaller?

How Can a Cobbler Make Shoes Smaller

1. Managing Extra Padding With The Ball Of Foot Area:

Cobbler keeps some tools to measure the shoe size and compare it with the customer’s feet. Every person has a different shape and size of the balls of foot area in the human being. With round and short balls, straight and medium balls make them different from others. If the shoe is oversized, then the cobbler will deal with it technically. Instead of cutting some shoes, the cobbler will add some extra padding to the ball of foot area.

The cobbler will first test it and ask the customer to feel it. This depends on the communication and foot observation by the cobbler. He will make it soft and fit in the toe side. By covering some of the volumes of the shoe can help to make it comfortable. This is not a 100% possibility that he reduced the size of the shoes and made them smaller.

2. Adding Or Removing The Strap:

Tight sandals sometimes make our walk uncomfortable. It depends on the heels that how people like and manage to wear them. Tight sandals with loose heels or Lose sandals with tight heels cannot be affordable for everyone. Now, this is the domain of the cobbler that how he adjust both pairs for wearing. He will add or remove a strap, and tightening the sandal is an option for a cobbler.

He can easily remove the strap and make the shoes smaller. The customer addresses with a cobbler that how he needs to adjust his/her shoes. Cutting the strap and suitably sewing them will identify that how the cobbler is experienced. Hand-made shoes by a cobbler represent the performance of a cobbler in any way. This is the extra possibility for a cobbler to resolve the issue.

3. Addition Of Heel Grips:

Ladies face multiple issues with their heels daily. By convincing them in a day or other, the cobbler finds multiple solutions by reducing the size of the shoe. Ladies slip around their heels because of their extra-large shoe size. At the time of buying, they feel that it is comfortable, but becomes lose later.

Heel grip is an extra piece of shoes that help them to tighten their heel. A heel grip under the heel ball makes it manageable. Cobbler tries to eliminate the slippage of heels for a long time. In my opinion, we can understand that how people feel after adding heel grips in extra-large shoe sizes.

4. Using An Insole:

When we talk about new buyers and experts, they don’t agree that how a cobbler makes the size smaller. They need deep research to find the best solution for this issue. Insoles are used in work boots. Ladies cannot fit it in sandals. If the boot sole is very hard and not fit for use, then insoles are the best option. This is not to reduce the size.

This is just to find a suitable way for working in a long shoe. Cobblers are aware of the importance of insoles. Cobbler tests the size of feet by putting insole in his shoes. Online top sellers agree about the size of shoes while selling. They cannot identify which size is best for them? Cobblers have the capability of finding the right shoes for the right people.

5. Fill The Space:

Sometimes a bit too big a shoe is very comfortable than a small shoe. The reason is, we can adjust big show by a cobbler, but too small creates difficulty for us to wear. Cobbler does extra work and takes much time to manage. Cobblers find the best solution to fill the space for too big shoes.

Experts discuss online shopping for shoe size problems. This problem can be solved by giving an extra walk and feel the space. Cobbler will refer that how extra space you need for it. While making leather shoes, companies take care of the comfort of the audience. Leather shoes are easily adjustable. Filling a small space inside tells the tricks of big shoes.

6. Pile On The Socks:

Thick socks are very useful when you feel that the shoes are too big. This happens because of wearing big boots for work, and you feel uncomfortable. Cobbler also has an option to provide you with thick socks. Using soft socks for hard and big shoes is not very annoying. People try to cove the re-sizing issues.

7. Shrinking the shoes using water:

People wear shoes according to the weather conditions. Leather shoes or wet shoes can be stretched according to the conditions. Cobblers explain that while wearing shoes continuously in water, shrink them in a way to make them smaller. He keeps it in water with wet leather and makes it more narrow to wear.

This is the best policy for shoes to shrink them more comfortably. Leather shoes can be stretched but cannot be broken easily. Cobblers don’t feel any hesitation to keep it in water. This is a very low possibility to a small extent to make it smaller. People are very conscious about their shoes. They use a hairdryer to make it closer.

8. Add an Insert:

In America and Europe, markets are full of brands and the items which make those brands comfortable. People use multiple shoes for their different daily schedules. If they face any difficulty, then they find the best solutions. Cobblers provide a facility to manage the big size of shoes for a long time.

Few inserts in the market are available to reduce the size or to fill the holes. By the suggestion of a cobbler, people keep the extra item in front of their feet to walk easily and comfortably. Gel and foam are also available in the market to keep the shoes more stretched and close to wear. This feels that this pair of shoes is only suitable for you.


Through our deep research, we’ve found a solution that cobblers play a very important role in managing the shoes to every extent. We analyzed that more than 60%, there is no possibility of shrinking the shoes and making them smaller. Cobblers cannot cut the pieces of shoes to make them comfortable every time.

Cobblers have a deep research on finding the best items for shoes. All the discussed points identify that cobblers can find multiple solutions to feel free from long and wide shoes. Sole of shoes feel you relax when you give extra care to your shoes. A deep analysis and observation in people are very important that what are their demands for fitting their shoes.