Can shoes cause leg pain

Can shoes cause leg pain? Detailed Answer

When you wear your shoes have you ever wondered about leg pain or any tightness or maybe so loose you feel, it may cause stress on your feet, lower legs ankle, and joint pain which may occur, unfortunately.

If your shoes are not comfortable to wear it may contribute to injuries or savior pain which may you to suffer. Your full body function relies on your feet. But herein the question arises how can shoes cause leg pain?

How do shoes affect your feet?

.If your shoes are unfit to wear and may reason for foot pain or may cause disease can be faced for example overuse of shoes like going for walk or running, climbing, or a marathon, strains or trauma could happen.

  • Because of unfit shoes, your ankle injury may occur or it may be twisted.
  • Tissues that are connected to the heel bones to the toes may be damaged and you face inflammation.
  • Usually, while you wear unfit shoes the nerves of your feet may be damaged and you feel weakness and numbness, and go through pain trauma.
  • Such diseases as gout, muscle strain, arthritis, skin rashes, ligaments, or tendons in the foot may make you suffer. It affects me so badly.

Do discomfort shoes cause pain?

Your feet hold your full body weight. If you choose inappropriate shoes your whole body affects in many ways including:

  • foot pain
  • knee pain
  • hips pain
  • low back pain
  • shoulder and neck stiffness
  • headache
  • ankle pain
  • swelling
  • redness
  • sciatica
  • muscle pain

These kinds of pain you may go through and suffer while you choose uncomfortable shoes to wear.

Do Wearing high heels shoes cause leg pain?

. If you wear high heels for a long time period it may only increase the pain and your alignment may lead to injury.

. Your natural posture or position of the walk may be changed due to a high heel change in the center of gravity. It may cause stress and strain on the lower back pain generate gradually.

. Blood circulation also affects while wearing high heels.

How can shoes cause leg pain? Common mistakes 

. Here are some points which will help you to know the mistakes while you wear shoes:

. During pregnancy, women gain weight, and the fluctuation of weight can change shoe size. Their body weight reshapes the feet so don’t choose high heels to wear.

. For physical activities or going exploring the world, walking 10,000 steps, or even walking around in your office all day you need arch support and enough cushioning kind of shoes to wear for proper shock absorption. Don’t choose heel shoes or designed shoes.

. Flat shoes like flip-flops it does not fit much. They do not support shock absorption. So never choose flat shoes. Block heels shoes can be managed and it works.

. Different kinds of sneakers you may consider for the workout:

You must know that you can’t buy sneakers just by their look or if they are attractive. Therefore, the perfect strategic process would be to pick up the right choice of shoes according to the performance which makes you feel comfortable and the selected shoes cause no discomfort.

Even if the women’s fitness specialist or the personal trainer tells you to wear perfect comfy shoes they recommend you to go for sport-branded shoes.

Just going with the model’s fashion or shoe design or trends will only lead you to gain a lot of pain. These are some mistakes you make in your daily lives which make you suffer.

Importance of wearing shoes and their benefits:

To say no to; “can shoes cause leg pain“, it is crucial to know about the preventive measures. Just walking into the store and picking any shoes won’t ever benefit you.

Picking one over hundreds of shoes with the perfect size, color, and style is a very difficult task of course it is easy to take good footwear for granted. Having protective footwear with the correct fit is essential for our health and comfort.

Following are some benefits of wearing shoes that do not cause you any pain:

. By wearing shoes, it will always prevent foot problems.

. Pain is alleviated by wearing shoes.

. Disease and infections are protected by wearing shoes.

These basic three points are the benefits of wearing shoes that do not cause any pain or suffering.

What kind of shoes you should wear?

Shoes for sports:-

Shoes are designed for athletics with recreational activities and it is also used for specific purposes. There are a huge amount of variety of shoes and even a range of shoes available in the store.

For different sports games and activity purposes, you should choose your shoes as per your sports material. Some of the above are shoes which will help you:-

. Running shoes

. Cross trainers

. Court shoes

. Cleats

. Hiking shoes

. Barefoot running shoes

. Walking shoes

. Other sports shoes.

Different types of shoes and their specific quality can be used for particular sports activities just like sportsmen can place tremendous pressure on their feet that’s why nowadays shoes can be designed with specific activities in their mind.

Leather shoes for office:-

Leather shoes look stylish and decent and even it is affordable for your purpose. Its appearance looks sophisticated and also protects our feet with its sturdiness and it is breathable.

Its durability is great and it is heat resistant to abrasion. Your dressing sense is incomplete without choosing a pair of perfect formal shoes, which are essential for men and women too

There are many types of leather shoes which will help you know more:-

. Ankle boot, army shoes, athletic shoes

. Ballet shoes, beach shoes, or even boot shoes.

. Bowling shoes, brogues

. Cowboy boots, cycling shoes

. Cleats, clogs

. Deck shoes, dress shoes

. Elevator shoes, espadrills

. Figure skates, flip-flops

. Golf boots, gumboots.

Some leather shoes might cause an ankle pain

. Full-Grain leather

. Top grain leather

. Corrected grain/ genuine leather

. Bonded leather

. Scotch leather

These are the types of leather and some leather shoes cause a little pain around the ankle or above the toes. It happens because the leather sole molded around your foot while wearing its shape change and adjustment is required to hold and then it takes the shape of your feet.

How to choose your shoes?

The more you discern about getting the right shoes, the lesser can shoes cause leg pain. For occupation, purpose shoes can be chosen as under:-

Shoes can be chosen according to your workplace.

If an electrical worker works around circuits or high-voltage machinery then the shoes required should be manufactured with non-conductive, electric shock-resistant soles and heels which may reduce the chance of electrocution.

If a worker works around highly reactive exposures or flammable places, the worker needs electrical conductive shoes. At their workplaces silk, nylon, and wool socks and shoes are prohibited because they could generate a spark and can cause fire or explosion.

If a worker with chainsaws then protective footwear is necessary to wear which protects to cut resistance.

These are some examples that what kinds of shoes you choose and depend on your workplace and environment. With precaution, you may protect your feet by wearing perfect shoe material.

Fitting shoes can contribute to leg pain:-

If you cause any leg pain it may be because you are wearing fitting shoes. Always choose the proper shoes especially when you are an avid exerciser.

The type of shoes you wear can affect you in the long term, choosing the wrong shoes can make you suffer a lot. One must make sure what kind of shoes you should wear for an activity.

Finding a proper fitting of shoes is important which reduces injuries and prevents foot problems. A common concern when it comes to foot health, having a properly fitting shoe can prevent injuries to the foot.

Our feet can be affected by our posture and gait. A body having 33 joints, 26 bones, and 100 ligaments, a body can be caused serious injury even much greater than one can even realize. As the feet cease growth in adulthood, they still are shaped as being mature.

Some factors to be considered when it comes to investing in proper fitting shoes:-

  • To be sure that shoes fit correctly in the right way.
  • Ensure that the foot must be comfortable and fits the ball of your foot in the widest portion of the shoes
  • Just by looking at the fashion or trend, improper fitting shoes can either create an adverse condition or may also damage more if you already exist with that.
  • To feel comfy walk along a carpeted surface so that you make sure it fits during regular activity.

Is it normal to feel pain in the leg when you buy new shoes?

Basically, no it is not normal to feel that pain in any way it would only suggest that you have muscles that are not happy. And suggesting that then after you need full stretching to get rid of these issues.

Just as shoes are made differently same as our walks are changed. Though the pain is not normal also it is common for many people around who wear shoes just for fashion and then after that causes ligament fractures of foot pain or even huge leg pain.

Never buy hard material shoes because it may also happen that the new shoes which are brought up or you just buy must be used without going through any process. If the shoes are not of the correct size you must have big suffering of ligament pains. The more you feel pain, the more can shoes cause leg pain.

How to benefit from the correct footwear.

The shoe’s midsole primarily serves as a foot cushion. They allow the body more time to react and stabilize the foot by delaying the application of that force. When your foot touches the ground, your shoe should assist in maintaining it upright.

Ensure the fit is exceptional and that at least 1 to 1.5 cm of the shoe is left. Feels comfortable – Your shoe should feel comfortable after your first use. Shoes should fit snugly without becoming uncomfortable.

How to pick the proper footwear.

If at all feasible, get your sports shoes from a store that specializes in them. You can pick the ideal pair of shoes for your sport or activity with the aid of the experts’ recommendations.

By doing this, even when your feet are at their widest, you can ensure that your shoes are comfortable. Ask the salesman to measure your feet before you buy any shoes since your feet may grow broader and more noticeable as you age. Usually, one foot is a bit smaller.

When wearing the shoes, make sure you can wiggle all of your toes. Remember that you need room in your shoe for your foot to move, whether running or walking. You should immediately feel at ease donning the sneakers. Breaking someone in is never a wise move.

As you walk, your heel shouldn’t stick out of the boots. Consider the length and breadth. See whether a larger size is available if your foot feels restricted inside the shoe’s ball.

Specialized shoes have been created for tennis, golf, soccer, football, netball, jogging, cycling, and other sports. To better shield the foot from the demands of the related activity, each is diverse in terms of design, structure, and weight.

Carrying a trace of your foot is an excellent shoe-shopping tip. Never even try putting on a shorter or thinner shoe than the tracing.

The worst shoes for your feet:-

Above are some of the worst positions or shoes for your feet that may cause problems further such as:-

  • High heels:- it causes this problem when you stand in an unnatural foot position, it may cause ankle pain. Therefore the solution for this is to go for shorter heels.
  • Flip-flops:- These may occur as a problem when it has a plantar facility. It would be better to wear fitted flops.
  • Pointy toes heels:- The problem that occurs is Bunions and hammertoe. So suggesting wearing wider-toe heels or shoes

And all the above points go with both men and women too.


The best conclusion for the above article is that we analyzed how shoes cause leg pain and how not. There are some shoes that get leg pain whether it is heeled shoes or any other which makes the shame of your foot worst.

When life gives you a body a perfect body to work and hands and legs to work properly to make them perfect and exactly movable it is then our responsibility to make them work properly and correctly. Picking up the shoes just because it is trending and looking fashionable and well-designed doesn’t mean it is good for your feet until you don’t try them.

Comfortable shoes will always help you move forward. By any other means if there are leather shoes or different kinds of shoes for climbing it only makes your life easier and patterned.

To make yourself healthy and good and even fashionable all you need is a correct comfortable shoe to wear that even matches you, only if you do so. Going with trends will only make you throw down different levels of fractures and future problems.

Today’s generation is facing these problems more than adults who never faced them before, because somewhere they knew at what place what things are necessary to wear and when to implement it when you go for several workers.

Just as we saw there are different kind of shoes that either makes you comfy or just get you in pain. We also saw some importance of wearing shoes and also the kind of worst shoes. These points and the article will help you to find your way out to wear the shoes and determine whether they can shoes cause leg pain or not.