how do Loeffler Randall shoes fit

how do Loeffler Randall shoes fit | 5 Perfect Ways

Loeffler Randel is a shoe-making brand famous for a unique hand-made pleated knotted bow that is mounted on the shoes. The brand has introduced an appealing assortment of footwear having this bow in different fabrics and colors.

Being famous for its designs, it has gotten acclaim and people like to possess its products. This is the reason it is often asked how do Loeffler Randall shoes fit. In this wake, this post has described the size details of LR shoes for all types of footwear provided by the brand. 

How do Loeffler Randall Shoes fit?
How do Loeffler Randall Shoes fit?

Before getting to the size guidelines, let’s have a look at the company profile.  

Loeffler Randall’s business outlook

  • Loeffler Randall initiated shoe manufacturing in 2004 when the business was very small. Over time, it thrived and added accessories, handbags, and ready-to-wear products to its manufacturing practices that flourished the business. The office is located in Soho, NYC
  • Since LR is focused to manufacture women’s products, the employees are mainly women i.e. 94%. The official site claims to have a team of around 35 people
  • The products are created in small batches because manual designing of shoes takes time. Also, this prevents waste and lets it sell out only what is needed. This is why based on season and need of time, the new collection is released with entire focus and care.   
  • Out of all the products, Loeffler Randall shoes are the major hit of the Loeffler Randall brand which are designed with utmost creativity and attention. That’s what makes LR stand out from many renounced women’s footwear brands. 

What makes Loeffler Randall unique from others?

The distinction of the LR brand is the hand pleated bow style that is designed in different colors and stuffs over shoes. In the penny heels, there tend to be 400 pleats on each pair that are made in several steps. The sandals having this signature bow mounted usually have the heels pleated that further beautify it due to a distinct contrast. 

Many Loeffler Randall shoes also contain a simple unpleated bow or a knot of strips as in flat ballet shoes with an almond toe and an elastic bridge strip. Some shoes like Maise carry this on the ankle strap. However, some of the varieties such as tall and ankle boots do not encompass this bow. 

How do Loeffler Randall shoes fit? – 5 key factors 

To check out how shoes fit, you need to be aware of the size, type, heel size & type, platform, and shaft of the LR shoes. The detail of each factor is given below. 

1. Size 

LR shoes are available in the size range of 5” to 12”. Beginning from 5”, the size keeps on increasing with an increment of 0.5” and stops at 12” such as 5”, 5.5”, 6”, 6.5”, 7”,……,11.5”, and 12”. This implies that are most likely to find the pair of your size. Further, some Loeffler Randall shoes are available in the sizes like 5”, 6” 7”,……,12” as with a size increment of 1”.

But this is to be noted that some sizes of this chart can also become unavailable at times so you may not find every shoe in all these sizes. However, you can request your particular size to be customized via email or any source of contact provided on the official website of Loeffler Randall.  

2. Toe type 

You will find four types of toe in LR shoes; round, square, pointed, and almond. The round and square toe fit very well in wider feet along with slim feet. The pointed toe is not considered very good for wider feet because the toenails area is not roomy. Whereas the almond toe can also fit the wider feet.  By and large you will find the toe of your choice and won’t need to ask are Loeffler Randall shoes comfortable.

3. Heel size and type 

You will find small, mid, and large size heels in LR shoes. They are available in block, round, pull-in, and wedge types. In many heels, you will also find pleats that are the signature style of the LR brand. 

Heel size of Loeffler Randal shoes
Heel size of Loeffler Randal shoes

Heel size and type are beneficial to know in terms that some people feel comfortable with small heels while some prefer high heels. So before finalizing your selection, make sure you checked the heel size too by having a short walk in the store. 

4. Platform 

In some Loeffler Randall shoes, a thick sole is also provided to raise the foot level from the ground. Such platform shoes have a sole thickness of varying heights usually beginning from 1” to higher.    

5. Shaft 

In ankle and tall boots of LR, the shaft circumference is not necessarily feasible for everyone. So, different shaft sizes are made to become compatible with maximum buyers. 

Size guide of all categories of Loeffler Randall shoes 

Since this post aims at explaining how do Loeffler Randall shoes fit, the key information has been described above for the major parameters affecting the overall size. But, there is a vast variety of shoes manufactured by LR so it is quite significant to discuss each category separately in this regard. 

The reason behind presenting the size guide individually is to help you directly jump into the shoe type of your concern without finding it in a mingled and unclear size guide.

The shoe categories manufactured by Loeffler Randall are; heeled sandals, flat sandals, flat shoes, tall boots, ankle boots, clogs, and sneakers.  

Get the profound size data for all types of shoes below. 

Heeled Sandles

Heeled sandals are the best-selling footwear at Loeffler Randall. The brand manufactures heeled footwear of different types such as high-heeled, mid-heeled, low-heeled (strappy wrap sandals), platform, espadrille, and wedge espadrille. The sizing detail of these Loeffler Randall shoes is as below.  

  • The high-heel sandals have a heel size of around 3.5”, 4.5”, and  5”.  
  • Mid-heel sandals do not have a very high heel rather around 2” only. 
  • Strappy wrap sandals are made with low heels and square toes. The common heel size is 1.5 inches. Also, they have a wrap-tie closure to fit comfortably. 
  • The platform-heeled sandals contain soles that can be as thinner as 1” and as thicker as 3.5” or maybe above.  
  • Espadrille sandals and wedged espadrille sandals are available in a size range of 5-12 inches with an increment of ½” or 1” size mostly. The toe and shape of espadrille sandals are made round and wide respectively to enable the wider feet put on them easily.  

Note: The heels can be round, pleated, and block type. Being sandals, they all are open-toe and with ankle straps. Further, the main details can be a knotted bow, mignon straps, and a twist on the sandal.  

Flat sandals

Flat sandals underpin caged, platform, Maisie, strappy, and breaded sandals along with woven slip-on. All these types are available in a size range of 5-12”. Further facts regarding fitting are expressed below. 

  • Strappy sandals or strappy rope sandals are made with square-toe and ankle wrap. They are made flat with no sole thickness.  
Strappy flat Loeffler Randall shoe size guide
Strappy flat Loeffler Randall shoe size guide
  • Caged, platform and Maise (having an ankle bow) sandals fit very well on wide feet because they are made roomier with an open round toe. The sole thickness is commonly kept at 1.5”. 
  • Slip-on footwear that does not embody an ankle strap is also available with a breaded band, woven, or double woven leather strap design. They also follow the standard size chart (5”-12”). The sole is not made thick but rather flat. The toe is made round or square. 


  • Available in sizes 5-12 inches
  • The heel size ranges from 2-3.25 inches. 
  • The toe shape is made round.
  • The maximum thickness of the sole is 1 inch. 

Flat shoes

In this class; ballet flats, chukka, and loafers are included that all have a round toe. Their size guide is such that; 

  • Chukka shoes may not be found in all sizes but rather in a few only. The sole thickness is almost 2”. 
  • Very few articles of woven slip-in and loafer shoes are advertised that too in fewer sizes. The loafer contains a heel size of 1.75 inches. 
  • Ballet flats are made with or without a platform that is of 1” thickness. 
Size guide to Loeffler Randal flat ballet shoes
Size guide to Loeffler Randal flat ballet shoes

Tall boots:

  • The heel size ranges from 1.75-3.5 inches with a variety of slim, block, and pull tab heels. 
  • Size is available from 5-12 inches in these Loeffler Randall shoes
  • The shaft can be narrow as well as wider. 
  • Boots with pointed and round toes are available. Round toe tends to have more space to be used with thick socks. 

Ankle boots

  • The heel can be as small as 1 inch and as high as 3.5 inches. 
  • The pointed heel is made smaller than the block heel.
  • The pointed toe fits slim feet more than the wide. 
  • For closure; a side zipper and the pull tab are made. 
  • Pull-on boots are made with thicker soles i.e. 1.75 inches. Also, they are suited for uneven terrain because of the best traction provision. 


You will not find a variety of sneakers at Loeffler Randall might be because it is a women-footwear manufacturer ergo just a few styles are available. Their size chart is the same as 5-12”. 

Loeffler Randall sneakers
Loeffler Randall sneakers

Are Loeffler Randall shoes comfortable?

Loeffler Randall shoes are padded with a leather, puffy, leather-wrapped, or foam footbed that keeps the feet at comfort. Some shoes such as sneakers are cushioned with a footbed so the long-time use remains untroubled.

Besides, the heel also remains pain-free without getting rubbed. However, product care does also matter. With each product, the handling instructions are mentioned that should be conscious of because improper care can directly influence longevity. 

Final Words

This write-up has comprehensively depicted how do Loeffler Randall shoes fit by describing the size guide of each shoe category individually. Since the overall size is affected by the length, toe, heel, shaft, and platform of the shoe so each element has been focused on for all kinds of shoes advertised by the LR brand. If you further have any queries, let us know in the comment section.

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