how to disinfect shoes after plantar wart

How to Disinfect Shoes After Plantar Wart | 5 Easy Methods

Plantar wart also known as verrucas, is a viral infection that grows beneath the foot i.e. heels, toes, or balls. It is caused by an HPV (human papillomavirus) that gets into the feet through cuts and cracks. 

People having this on their feet confront challenges while wearing shoes as it is in direct contact with the insole and cause pain and resist walking more. 

Since the insole is exposed to this viral infection, it is likely to get that virus on. This way, the virus will keep on growing and cause more wart formation so it is utterly important to know how to disinfect shoes after plantar wart.   

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Why should you disinfect shoes after plantar wart?

The virus of a plantar wart; HPV (Human Papillomavirus) grows in warm, damp, and moist conditions that easily prevail inside the shoes every time you wear them for a certain time span. The sweaty feet inside can cause the virus to propagate by multiplying their number, which resultantly expands the wart. 

Hence it is crucial to stop their growth by means of disinfection along with treating verrucas side by side. Disinfection kills the virus and eradicates the risk of getting plantar wart enhanced. To put it differently, it also speeds up the healing process. In this wake, some methods have been suggested below to get your footwear clean and virus-free for your next use.

How to Disinfect Shoes After Plantar Wart | Quick and Easy Ways

1- Use a disinfectant spray

A disinfectant is made up of chemicals whose chemistry enables them to kill bacteria. This antibacterial activity will clean out your shoes from the inside. So, once you take off your shoes, do not let them unattended, instead, spritz a disinfectant so the germs find no time to reproduce. 

To disinfect shoes after wart, follow these steps:

  • Take off the shoes and spray disinfectant on the insole very properly.
  • If the infection is on the balls of the feet, it is necessary to reach to every    
  • Get a clean cloth and bolt the surface. 
  • Let it air dry. Use them after they are cleared.  

Also, you must reach that very area of shoes which is right under the wart. Sometimes the plantar wart is on balls or fingers and the respective area beneath becomes challenging to be cleaned so there you can use q-tips to wipe the area after spray. 

Use a disinfectant spray on shoes after plantar wart.jpg
Use a disinfectant spray on shoes after plantar wart.jpg

In the market, you will find a good number of effective disinfectants amongst them the Lysol shoe disinfectant is commonly used. 

While coming across how to disinfect shoes after plantar wart with the help of a disinfectant, this is to say that bleach does also possess disinfectant properties and some people take advantage of this readily available material at home. However, it is recommended to use it very cautiously by diluting it well with water, or else it can react adversely.

2- Get your shoes in the sunlight

Sunlight is the best natural disinfectant that has a great potential of killing bacteria and viruses (including HPV) with its UV rays. If you don’t want to spend additional money on your fancy expensive footwear, this is particularly for you.

To disinfect shoes after wart, just keep your shoes in the sunshine and make sure the sunlight is provisioned to the target area of your shoes. Let the rays do their work for some hours and get the shoes off later. The good thing is, that if the insole is sensitive; it will remain undamaged or will have no effect on longevity. 

Disinfect shoes under sunlight after plantar wart
Disinfect shoes under sunlight after plantar wart

Additionally, if you use a safety cushion on the inflammation (described in method # 5), thereafter you can apply this method too for further purification. 

3- Use an ultraviolet shoe sanitizer

Since UV rays are the best virus eliminator, an artificial UV shoe sanitizer is a very practical solution for disinfecting shoes. If you live in a humid area or a place where sun exposure is limited, try this method and you will be overwhelmed to see its results. 

Although the upshot won’t be visible, the reduced growth of the plantar wart will give you an idea of its functionality. This is repeated that prefer sunlight over any other artificial method because natural methods are free of side effects. 

Anyhow, to use the ultraviolet shoe sanitizer follow these steps to get to know how to disinfect shoes after plantar wart. 

  • Get this sanitizer in the shoes
  • Switch it on and keep lying in the shoes. The lighted device will be an indication that it is working. 
  • After some time (removal time is mentioned in the manual) get the device off the shoes. 
UV Sanitizer to disinfect shoes after plantar wart
UV Sanitizer to disinfect shoes after plantar wart

Notably, this device sanitizes the footwear. The difference between sanitization and disinfection is that in disinfection all the germs are killed but in sanitization, the killing does not take place rather the number is reduced up to the extent that does not have the potential of causing any harm.  

4- Use disposable disinfectant wipes

Like a disinfectant spray, disposable wet wipes are also handy for keeping the shoe germs-free. Their added advantage is that they give the surface a shine too because their wiping process takes away all the dirt, dust, and any chunks alongside the germs. To disinfect shoes after wart

  • Take out a wipe from the package and wipe the shoes inside thoroughly.
  • Use two or three wipes to ensure proper cleaning. 
  • Let the shoes get dried in the open air. 
Wipes for shoes cleaning after verrucas
Wipes for shoes cleaning after verrucas

This method can be applied on open, half, and fully covered shoes. You can get these wipes very easily from any marketplace. They come in a pack of several wet wipes. 

5- Cover plantar wart before putting the shoe on

This is a preventive measure instead of an active measure because you eliminate the risk of spreading the virus in the shoes as the wart will be covered and not be in contact with the insole directly so you won’t need to disinfect shoes. This is indeed the more significant way because this way, you won’t need to expose your insole to disinfectants which is a safer side actually. What you need to do is;

  • Clean your wart well with a measure that the doctor has suggested. 
  • Cover it with a safety cushion.…
  • Put on socks or shoes. 
Cover plantar wart to prevent virus spread in shoes
Cover plantar wart to prevent virus spread in shoes

Notably, for hard insoles that become painful even for healthy feet, this is a phenomenal method otherwise you may need to cut your journey short owing to the painful wart. So, give it a shot in sandals, heels, footies, bzees, sneakers, and any shoes, and keep your traveling unaffected.

Preventive measures for disinfecting shoes after plantar wart

Since it is about viral infection, special care is crucial while carrying out any disinfection method or else it will be in vain. While dealing with your footwear, be mindful of following preventive measures along with learning how to disinfect shoes after plantar wart so that you may not be subject to an unwanted situation.  

  • Do not put on the disinfected shoes until they are dried. 
  • Do not wear the same socks again until washed.
  • Avoid using occlusive footwear as they can escalate pain and verrucas growth.
  • Try to disinfect shoes right after taking them off instead of before using them again.   
  • Do not share your shoes with others.
  • Dry out the feet well after washing before putting on the shoes. 


Q: Do I have to discard my shoes after plantar wart?

A: No, because there are several ways to decontaminate your shoes that will eliminate any risk of virus presence inside to reinfect you. Just disinfect shoes after wart with either a disinfectant spray, disposable wipes, sunlight, or a UV sanitizer that will kill the virus existing inside to grow again. This way, your shoe will be free of any hazard. 

Q: Can I prevent my shoes from getting plantar wart germs?

A: Yes, you can keep your shoes from the virus by covering your wart with a safety cushion. This will not let the verrucas come in direct contact with the insole and leave the virus there. Also, you won’t need to disinfect it necessarily. Additionally, you can expose the shoes to sunlight for some time for your satisfaction.  

Q: Can I get verrucas from someone’s footwear?

A: Yes, because verrucas (or plantar wart) is an infection that spreads through the virus so if your friend is infected by it, most likely you can also get its share if you wore his shoes. 

Q: What measures do I need to take with socks after plantar wart?

A: It is crucial to clean them well before the next use by washing them properly. Since they can get germs on due to direct contact, they can promote bacterial activity so it is essential to take off their contamination by washing. If not washed, hang them under the sun to get natural disinfection for killing HPV. 


It is worthwhile to disinfect the shoes if worn by a person with the plantar wart because it can become a source of virus spread that can make others too susceptible. In this wake, learning how to disinfect shoes after plantar wart is vital. This write-up has recommended disinfection of shoes through a disinfectant spray, wet wipes, UV sanitizer, and the sunlight. 

Along with that, a preventive measure i.e. coverage of warts is also a practical solution to keep the shoes free of viruses. If you resonate with these methods, must give your suggestions in the comment box below. Thanks for reading. 

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