How To Fix Cracked Leather Shoes At Home

How To Fix Cracked Leather Shoes At Home | Unlimited Guide

The leather shoe has an awesome class and it looks amazingly perfect in the closet and feet. Leather shoes are very functional and strong. But if it got a small tear that doesn’t mean you should discard them.

Leather usually cracks if it doesn’t get the proper care. For instance, if you put them in direct sunlight. Don’t fret, your shoes are cracked? No worries because shoes’ crack solutions exist.

And do remember, never put too much weight on your shoe and don’t put them in water for a long time. By the end of this article, you will surely be amazed to know how to fix cracked leather shoes at home.

What are the Causes Of Cracks?

The leather shoe itself is very strong but it can be cracked and damaged due to some reasons that we will discuss here.

1. Poor Quality

Material can be a strong cause for damage to leather shoes. It may be due to the manufacturing by using poor quality. Although you purchased a very new one, it starts damaging or cracking.

So whenever you are purchasing anything. put your hand on a thing that is durable and has a good quality. In them, even the shoe crack solution doesn’t work nicely.

2. Leather Exposure To Extreme Environment

The environment has its own side effects. such as human beings won’t bear an extreme environment. Likewise, shoes won’t bear extreme cold and heat. Make sure about the temperature.

For instance, if your shoes are in the cupboard for a long time in a hot environment then take them out for a night and leave them in an airy environment. Air will help them to dry off and re-absorb to prevent your shoe from cracking.

3. Cleaning

Clean your shoe frequently with polish or saddle soap. Follow this procedure to make them clean. Remove the mildew or any spots on the shoe with the cloth or brush.

You can use a toothbrush as a scrubbing tool. Also to neutralize spores, dilute bleach in water because spores germinate in warm storage areas. If you don’t clean it after every use, your shoe will face a lot of damage and cracks.

How To Fix Cracked Leather Shoe At Home – Step by Step Guide

Have a question in mind like Can you fix the cracked leather shoe? Yes, you can. Repairing your leather shoe is not difficult. That happened because of the fibers. Everything just won’t stay perfect as if it is new.

Every small and big crack can be hidden but try to keep your shoes crack-free by taking care of them. Follow these steps to prevent them. Let’s begin

Easy Ways To Fix Light Cracks On Leather Shoe

Light cracks mean small cracks and to hide them you should have a conditioner. Because it can hide the scars and make your shoe smooth. Blend very finely with the other leather. List for the thing that you will need:

  • Mild soap
  • Spoon
  • Dry brush
  • Cloth
  • A great conditioner or oil
  • Fine bristled brush

Step 1: Cleaning

Clean the top surface of the shoe with the help of a smooth dry brush or cloth. Then by using soap, clean the cracks deeply with soap. Leather will become smooth.

Step 2: Smooth It Out

Take a condition or oil in a small amount with a finger or spoon. And start smoothing your shoe until cracks become less visible. Wipe out the excess product and leave it to dry. You can leave for a night to see the perfect results.

Step 3: Repeat If Needed

If the shoe seems dry then your shoe needs the same application again. But never apply oil more because it will cause harsh damage to the structure of the shoe. Moreover, use this procedure every month to keep your shoe in a good condition.


Fix Deep Cracks On The Leather Shoe – 2 methods

Your leather is facing brittle and deep cracks? Don’t fret. Here we come up with two methods and shoe crack solutions to fix them. For deep crack leather fillers and leather, dye works best together.

Method 1-Use Leather Filler For Shoe


  • Soap or cleaner
  • Cloth
  • Filler
  • Palette knife
  • Sandpaper
Step 1: Cleaning

Soap and cleaner will clean or wash off all the spots from the shoe. Then use a dry cloth for drying it. Don’t forget to test the soap and cleaner before using them.

Step 2: Dry It Completely

Clean the excess moisture or soap and allow it to dry for the night. Moisture will absorb into the leather and prevent the filler.

Step 3: Smoothing

The sandpaper will help you in smoothing the cracks. But make sure to apply gentle pressure. Because sandpaper may wear them down. When you see enough finishing then stop right there. Clean the residual dirt with a dry cloth.

Step 4: Apply Filler

Put filler over the cracks with the help of a knife and fill until cracks look filled. Then remove excess paste to ensure the filler is set finely. For drying leave it in an airy room. Moreover, never put them beneath the sunlight because it may cause further cracks.

Method 2 – Blend Cracks With Leather Dye


●     Soap or cleaner

  • Cloth
  • Filler
  • Palette knife
  • Sandpaper
  • Hairdryer
  • Applicator pad
  • Leather dye
  • Leather sealer

Step 1: Preparation and smoothing

Firstly follow all the steps that are mentioned above and let it die finely. Sand will help the leather to go down with the help of sandpaper. Wipe out the surface to prepare for dye. Start rubbing through leather’s grain until it becomes smooth. Clean the dirt to prevent it from absorption of the coloring.

Step 2: Apply The Dye

Pick up the dye that matches your shoe color. Then spread a thin layer of dye with the help of an applicator pad. Distribute it finely to make sure about the cracks. Use a hairdryer to set and dry the dye.

Step 3: Blending

Blend it like cracks never appeared. You can apply coats of the dye as much as you need. Apply the dye directly into the cracks then rub it. As well as that, dry with the hairdryer after every layer.

Step 4: Sealing

Sealing will help your dye to be protected. Just spray the sealer over the sponge and dab it to the affected area. The sealer will help to prevent further cracks and stains. Make sure about drying. Otherwise, it will peel off from the shoe.

How Do You Get Cracks Out Of Leather Shoes?

You can use a leather filler for the shoe to remove cracks. Use a sponge to press the compound into a crack. As well as that, use a plastic palette knife then fill the cracks. Filling continues until the material gets an even surface.

How Do You Fix Ripped Leather?

To fix torn leather shoes use mending or darning techniques. But if there is a small tear use an adhesive paste to stick them together. Fill it with the help of a solution then leave it to get dried. Make sure about the same color and texture.


Without getting into the big hassle, fix torn leather shoes with the methods mentioned above. It may require energy and time, so try to avoid the cause of cracks on the shoe. Read this article carefully to fix the light and deep cracks on the leather. I hope you clearly know how to fix cracked leather shoes at home.

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