How to Get Candle Wax Off Shoes

How to Get Candle Wax Off Shoes | Quick Methods

Have you ever got your shoes waxed accidentally and worrying how to recover them? Since it is a commonly encountered problem, it is worthwhile to learn how to get candle wax off shoes, or else they will end up in a landfill. With that in mind, this article has been structured to portray the best methods for removing wax so you can relish your shoe as before. 

Since ample shoes are out in the market with varying fabric, material, and shape for different purposes, their cleaning methods are also different. If you apply a single method to multiple footwear, it can directly affect longevity. 

The fundamental logic behind wax removal

If you understand the science behind every hack being suggested for removing wax, likely, you can also devise your own method based on the type of shoes, fabric, and waxed area. Following this;

The primary purpose is to harden the wax to chip it off the surface or melt it through heating. In both ways, it will detach to be blotted simply. 

Based on this fundamental logic, the following tricks have been suggested and all are well-working. 

3 Best Ways On How to Get Candle Wax Off Shoes

Walk through the following technique to learn how to get candle wax off shoes but be mindful of the respective shoe type that every method has been recommended for or else your footwear is susceptible to look nastier than before.    

1. Use a hairdryer for leather shoes

Keeping in view the frequent use of leather shoes, the list presents the removal method for this type of footwear first. In this context, this is to say that not every technique can work for these shoes because leather is sensitive to extreme conditions and materials. This is why you have to be very conscious of the scheme you will use. 

Remove wax from leather shoesHOW TO GET CANDLE WAX OFF SHOES

As mentioned earlier that you can get wax off shoes by either heating or cooling so, in the case of leather, the heating turns out practical.  All you need to do is:

  • Get a hair drier and switch it on to near waxed shoes. 
  • Let the drier keep providing heat through warm air to the shoes for some time
  • Check out if the wax has melted and softened enough to be removed
  • Wipe it off the surface gently with a cloth

Do not rub the cloth as it can take off the shoe polish as well.   

2. Use ice for shoes made of non-porous fabric

A non-porous material reflects a plain material through which the air or water cannot pass such as plastic. For the shoes made of non-porous fabric, the hardening process substantiates the wax detachment. This hardening is carried out by using ice over the surface. 

Once the ice cube is placed, the wax will become harder enough to be scraped easily. This is how to get candle wax off shoes made of non-porous fabric. Apply this process to get your sneakers’ non-porous area wax-free by following these steps.

Get wax off non porous shoesHOW TO GET CANDLE WAX OFF SHOES
  • Place an ice cube over the waxed area
  • Let it cool and make the wax further soldier 
  • Scrape this chipped wax off the shoe

This method may not work on canvas shoes so for them, follow the next scheme to get wax off canvas shoes

3. Use iron for shoes made of porous fabric

Unlike a non-porous material, a porous fabric lets the air and water pass through its pores. This is the reason; the wax gets soaked into such fabric and becomes challenging to separate. For such a fabric on your shoes, heating works great because all the wax will become liquified.

Ergo you can use any means to heat the wax to thaw and further absorb it. Herein, warming through iron has been recommended to get wax off canvas shoes, sneakers, or any footwear with a porous surface.

Get wax off porous shoesHOW TO GET CANDLE WAX OFF SHOES
  • Cover the waxed area with a cloth/brown paper/folded tissue paper 
  • Set the iron on at a moderate temperature 
  • Keep moving iron on the surface until all the wax melts
  • The cloth in between the iron and surface will absorb the wax 

Precautionary measures

In all the fore mentioned methodologies for removing wax from shoes, you need to be mindful of some precautions that can keep your shoes from getting damaged such as; 

  • Do not overheat the shoe surface as it can fade the polish and shine of the shoe. 
  • Keep rubbing the iron instead of stopping over the waxed surface for you can get it burnt otherwise.
  • Use iron at low temperature. 
  • Do not use iron for leather shoes.

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Q: How can I get melted wax off my shoes?

A: Either harden or soften the melted wax to get it off the shoes. If the shoe surface is porous; use an iron on it with a cloth in between that will absorb the melted wax. On the contrary, if the shoe surface is flat with no pore; place an ice cube to harden the wax and scrape it off later. 

Q: Can I use alcohol to detach candle wax off my shoes?

A: Alcohol is used to remove polish from shoes. This way, it can reduce the shine of the waxed areas if rubbed over. Hence it is better to not use alcohol to get candle wax off shoes.

Q: How to get paraffin off the canvas shoe?

A: Let the paraffin get heated with the iron rubbed on it. Use tissue paper to blot the melted paraffin from the affected area and eventually get wax off canvas shoes. 

Final words

This write-up has shed light on the techniques regarding how to get candle wax off shoes. Each method does not necessarily work for all kinds of shoes so the diversity has been covered by dividing into two categories i.e. porous and non-porous that undertake almost all kinds of shoes. Follow the method suggested for either category that will undoubtedly prove functional.

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