How to Identify Adidas Shoe Model in 2023? 10 Easy Ways

The three stripes that represent Adidas are instantly identifiable all around the globe. So, how often do you see someone wearing Adidas shoes or coming across a pair for sale? 

There always appears to be an Adidas store in the area where I live, so I can get a new pair whenever I want. But you might think about how to identify the Adidas shoe model.

You may determine the Adidas shoe model by examining the product label inside the shoe or by searching for the shoe model number or name on the shoe box.

Let’s examine the characteristics of Adidas shoes and how to immediately identify the model.

How to Identify Adidas Shoe Models?

It’s not hard to Identify the Adidas shoe model of your Adidas shoes. A shoe’s model number can be found on the shoe tag. It is located on the label, typically above the barcode.

The model number begins with a three-digit number and then continues with a six-digit alphanumeric code. Go to the Adidas online store and enter that number to learn which model you own.

Additionally, there are models available that are customized according to individual needs. You should search for this style according to your specifications or intended use. Local Adidas stores also have knowledgeable staff who can advise you on which products best suit your needs.

How Can I Identify Whether a Shoe Is Real Or Not?

Adidas Shoe Model Identification Factors

There are multiple things you can figure out how to identify Adidas shoe models. Here are some of them.

Serial Number:

The serial number of a pair of shoes is typically displayed on the rear of the footwear so that the user may view it at all times. The serial numbers normally consist of three letters followed by seven digits, such as S2304090213, and are organized into “series” according to the manufactured dates.

The Adidas logo:

The three-stripes logo, a trademark of the Adidas firm, may be found on the front and back of most of their shoes. How many colors are normally used in the Adidas logo for a shoe? Stripes can be one, two, or three colors, and there may be more than one stripe per color.


For each shoe, Adidas chooses a unique stitch. Since their inception in 1924, they have used the same distinguishing pattern of three rows and five stitches. You can tell a lot about a pair of shoes by inspecting the stitching on the soles and uppers, provided you know what you’re looking for.

Laces Style:

Several lacing options have been made available for usage on Adidas products. The most popular option is flat lace, usually white but also available in other colors. The ends of the lace can be folded into each other, placed at an angle, or placed in a straight line.

Laces Holes:

How many different kinds of lace holes are there? The “eyelet” type is the most typical, and it consists of two smaller eyelets on each side and two bigger ones at each end for lacing.


Another factor that can be used to determine whether or not a shoe is an Adidas model is the pricing. For roughly $25 to $30, you can get a pair of Top Tens, Gazelles, or T-Macs, all branded with the iconic three stripes found on every pair of Adidas shoes. Luxury signature brands, such as Kanye West’s Yeezy Boost 350, sell for $200–$350.

Trademark symbols:

Adidas uses registered trademark symbols to prevent the copying of its products. The logo is a tiny three-pointed graphic that reads “Adidas double stripe,” placed on the top of the Foot.


The Adidas corporation itself created every item sold by Adidas. If you are familiar with the shoe’s manufacturer, you can use this method to identify the shoe. You wouldn’t mistake Nike’s Jordan shoes for an Adidas pair just because they have a similar color scheme, and the same goes for other popular shoe brands.


The color of the Adidas shoe can also be used as a reliable identifier. White, black, and red are the three most typical hues. The blue, green, and pink hues are only a few others that have been hiding in the shadows until recently.

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Product Line:

Identifying the product line is an additional indicator that can lead you to the correct shoe model. Because Adidas also produces work boots, casual shoes, and sneakers specifically designed for children, it is essential to have a clear idea of the type of footwear you require before making a purchase or placing an order online.

Pros of Adidas shoes identification and model

  1. It helps the consumers to know the suitable model which they are looking to purchase.
  2. It helps consumers to be updated with newly arrived models and upcoming models.
  1. Allow customers to learn more about shoes. 

Con’s of Adidas shoes identification and model

  1. It needs a lot of research to identify shoe models.
  1. It takes a lot of time to identify a shoe model.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Can I Identify Whether a Shoe Is Real Or Not?

Spending your own money on fake shoes hurts like hell. Thus, it is vital to identify authentic Adidas shoes before purchasing them. Regarding Adidas sneakers, you can expect flawless manufacturing and a clean look. It’s fake if the stitching is sloppy or uneven.

Authentic Adidas shoes also include high-quality materials. The leather on the non-original shoe will have such a high shine that it will appear fake. The laces and eyelets on a lace garment can also determine its authenticity.

Further, the left and right shoes of a pair of authentic Adidas have their unique serial numbers. You should verify the shoe’s serial number before making a purchase. If both shoes in your pair have identical serial numbers, the pair in question is fake.

Is There More Than One Adidas Logo?

Adidas began as a tiny family firm but has now grown to become the world’s number two maker of sportswear. Nonetheless, they have stuck with the logo design they used years ago. Adidas’ various product lines all have unique logos.

Some sneakers include a three-stripe trefoil design, while others, like those worn by professional athletes, feature a mountain design. Avoid getting mixed up.

Adidas’ trefoil logo was first introduced in 1949, and it has since been synonymous with the company’s signature line of athletic shoes and casual sneakers. The performance line, targeted at elite athletes, features the mountain emblem. In addition, the circular logo is used whenever Adidas collaborates with a well-known fashion designer.


Adidas is one of the world’s most well-known brands. Whether using them for exercise or around the house, your shoes should be supportive and cozy. So, being aware of and concerned with all the little aspects of shoemaking is crucial.

Adidas has established itself as one of the most beloved shoe brands worldwide. And if you can get your hands on some authentic Adidas shoes, you will become obsessed with them immediately. If you put these methods to use when you talk about how to identify the Adidas shoe model, you should have no trouble locating a model that flatters your figure.

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