How to Keep Shoes from Slipping off the Heel

How to Keep Shoes from Slipping off the Heel

A shoe is of no use if it keeps on slipping from heels. It becomes a problem to walk in such shoes. Shoes slipping from the heels ruin glamor, become irritating, and dangerous too. But worry not. This article is about how to keep shoes from slipping off the heel.

Apart from the fashion, a shoe slipping off from the heels can impact one’s posture. It damages a person’s way of walking. So, here are some ways by which you can prevent shoes from slipping off your heels. Following these hacks will help you get rid of this problem and let you carry a fashionable look. So, let’s begin.

Why do Shoes Slip off Heels?

Here are a few reasons why shoes always slip off heels, and if you avoid them, you will be able to flaunt every footwear.

1. Incorrect shoe size

The main reason behind the slipping of shoes is the incorrect shoe size by wearing incorrect shoe sizes, not only the shoe slips and gives rise to many other problems related to walking.

2. No proper arch support

This problem is related to the incorrect shoe size. If the shoe does not fit properly to the foot, then, obviously, there will be no proper arch support for the foot. In this condition, people apply pressure to their feet, leading to a bad walking style.

3. Sweating and Moisture

People with the major sweating issue often face this problem. Production of sweat and moisture is a significant reason behind the slipping of shoes off the heels.

12 Ways to Prevent Shoes from Slipping off Heels

12 Ways to Prevent Shoes from Slipping off Heels

1. Use of Heel Grip

The heel grip method itself indicates what you need to do in this technique. For some people, this technique might work, but for some, it might not. For this technique, you need to cushion the area of your heel. By doing so, there will be no slippage of shoes from your heels. Also, it prevents heels from rubbing the back of your feet and avoids blisters as well.

Heel grips remove the extra room present in heels and give a comfortable and perfect fit to the heels. The only drawback of this technique is that the heel grips lose their stickiness. For this, you need to carry some extra heel grips with you all the time.

2. Spray Hairspray on heels (DIY Hack)

This DIY hack, at first, may sound weird to you. But believe me, it always works. A hair spray makes hair sticky and helps in all types of hairdos. Similarly, it does the same with our feet. When you spray hairspray on your foot, it makes it sticky. As a result, the shoes stick to the foot and do not come out again and again.

3. Use Shoe Liners, insoles, and pads

Shoe liners, insoles, and pads work on the same principle as heel grippers. Just like heel grips, liners, insoles, and pads make the grip of shoes strong on foot and prevent them from coming off repeatedly.

4. Use Double Sided Tape (DIY Hack)

This hack is a very popular and the most effective hack that you can use to fix your problem. Even if you are a fashion freak, you can try this hack with a fashion tape. For this, you need to take a double-sided tape and stick it on your heels. As it is a double-sided tape with stickiness on both sides, it sticks on the shoes and heels simultaneously. Therefore, it prevents the shoes from slipping off the heel.

5. Use Tights with Built-in Sole Grips

Tights are famous for keeping the shoes in place. Wearing thick tights is the best option for this problem. Most of the time, slipping of shoes from off the heels is because of irregular fit of the shoes. Wearing thick tights will overcome this problem.

6. Use Talcum Powder (DIY Hack)

Talcum powder reduces the smoothness of the foot. Moreover, it reduces the sweat production of feet. So, putting talcum powder on foot will reduce the slipperiness, and there will be no more slipping off the shoes from the heels.

7. Stop Using Lotion

During summers and hot seasons, sweating is enhanced by the use of creams and lotions. Therefore, if you ever put on lotion on your foot before wearing heels, there will be too much sweat production. As a result, the heels will keep on slipping from the feet.

The only solution to this problem is to avoid using lotions or creams before wearing any shoes, heels, or flat slippers.

8. Use Shoe Fillers

Using shoe fillers to stuff our shoes is one of the most common techniques. This technique works for both situations in that it prevents the feet from slipping forward and prevents them from coming out of the shoes.

There are both positive and negative sides to this technique. Using the shoe fillers, your toe may start getting hurt after some time. So, you can’t use this technique for a long period.

9. Insert cotton wool in shoes (DIY Hack)

People at home can easily follow this DIY. For this hack, all you need is cotton wool, and if you don’t have that, you can use a piece of cloth.

In this hack, you just need to fill a little cotton wool in front of your shoes. After filling cotton, wear shoes, and then you are good to go. For this technique, you will be able to walk confidently without worrying about keeping the shoes from slipping off the heels.

10. Use Shoestix

Using shoestix is the same remedy as double-sided tape. They both use the same phenomenon to keep the shoes from slipping off heels. Therefore, if you do not have double-sided tape, then you can use shoestix for this purpose.

11. Choose a Shoe with Closed Toe

Another solution that can help you with this problem is wearing or choosing shoes with a closed toe. There will be absolutely no chances of slipping off the shoes in this way.

12. Add an Ankle Strap

To keep your feet safe and to get rid of this problem, you can add an ankle strap too. The ankle straps wrap around the ankle and keep the shoe from slipping off the heels. Moreover, this adding ankle strap method is a permanent solution.


Everyone likes to walk confidently and loves flaunting their perfect outfit but fails if the shoe keeps on slipping off the heels. Therefore the above-given hacks and techniques will help you get rid of the problem and make you walk easily with confidence!