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How to Soften the Back of Shoes? 9 Useful Techniques

The excitement of wearing new shoes may all go away if the back of the shoes causes pain. Whether your shoes may be of any material, your foot may develop a blister because of the new shoes. To get rid of pain and blisters, it is essential to know how to soften the back of shoes.

Buying new shoes to get rid of this problem is not the solution. Instead, you can always follow some tips that might help you with this problem. Wearing thick socks is one of the solutions to keep yourself away from the pain, but here are a few tips that will help you with how to soften the back of shoes.

How to Soften the Back of Shoes? 9 Useful Techniques

Using these techniques, you can quickly soften the back of the shoes. So let’s start!

new shoesHow to Soften the Back of Shoes

1. Use of Kerosene

To soften the back of the shoes, using kerosene is one of the best options. If you have got the wrong pair of shoes by chance, you can use kerosene to stretch them.

Before starting this technique, you need to dip your shoes in table vinegar for some time. After a while, take your shoes out and apply kerosene on them as a coating. The combination of Kerosene and Vinegar is the best way to make leather shoes soft and comfortable. After applying kerosene, leave your shoes out for some time, and it will do its work.

You can now wear your new shoes comfortably without any pain. 

2. Get the Perfect Shoe Size

The biggest reason for blisters or pain in the foot is the wrong shoe side. Shoes that are narrow according to your foot size cause pain and difficulty walking. Therefore, you need to get the right shoe size to get rid of it.

3. Use Oil to Moisturize

Oils such as coconut oil, castor oil, or glycerine are the best to soften the back of shoes. For this, you need to take some oil on cotton and rub it on the back of the shoes. Make sure that you do it from the inside of the shoes. After this wear your shoes and walk a little bit.

It will increase the space inside your shoes and soften their back. You can also use flaxseed oil as well for this purpose.

4. The Hair Dryer Technique

You must be shocked by reading this technique. But believe me that this is the most convenient and easy thing to soften the back of the shoes. Shoes made of Leather or Suede material can easily be stretched by using a hairdryer.

For this technique, use a hairdryer and simply heat the back of your new shoes. This heat will help in stretching the shoes from the back. After giving heat to the shoes, wear them and do not take them off until they cool down.

5. Use of Shoe Stretch Spray

To soften the back of the shoes, you can also use a stretch spray. Stretching leather shoes is no less than a hassle. So, for this spray, the stretch spray over your shoes. The stretch spray helps in giving regular shape to the shoes. Moreover, if you want to speed up the softening process, spray the stretching spray all over the shoes.

6. The Rubbing Soap Technique

You might find this method odd slightly. But you would be happy to know that it works. For this, you need to take a bar of soap and wet it with water.

Now rub this soap on the areas of the shoes that you find hard. Make sure that you rub it on both sides of the backside and inside the shoes. Perform this step for a few days, and you will notice how quickly it softens the back of the shoes.

The only problem with this is that you need to be regular with the process. But once the back of the shoe softens, you would love wearing them!

7. Putting Wooden Inserts

Putting wooden inserts in the shoe is no doubt an old method. But it is one of the most efficient methods to soften the back of shoes. Inserting the wooden inserts makes much space inside the shoes.

This method uses the pressure technique to make the back of the shoes soft. For better wear of shoes, this technique always works. It is an expensive technique, but it is all worth it. 

8. Wear Thick Socks

Wearing thick padded socks is yet another technique that softens the back of the shoes. The thick padded socks stretch the shoes when you walk. Also, these shoes let you break in quickly into the shoes.

The thick padded socks add more ventilation to the shoes. So, it keeps the foot safe from pain, blisters, and sores as well.

9. Use of Ice Bag

Using an ice bag to soften the shoes back is a famous technique. For this, you need to fill a poly zip-lock bag with ice cubes and put them in the shoes. The ice will melt, and water molecules will work to soften the shoes back.

Make sure there is a limited amount of water there, or else it will ruin the gum of the shoes.


I hope by now you know all the techniques that you can perform to soften your shoes. All the above techniques can easily be implemented at home and do not require much effort. Instead of buying new soft shoes, you always try these best techniques to soften your shoes. So this is all about How to Soften the Back of Shoes.

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