How to Stop Feet Sliding Forward In Shoes? 6 Easy ways

Buying shoes that fit properly and look incredible is always a challenge. But what’s even more difficult is choosing comfy shoes that prevent your feet from sliding forward.

If you spend most of your time in shoes or just bought a new pair of high heels, keep reading for tips on how to stop feet sliding forward in shoes.

If your feet are sliding forward, you should first attempt to tighten the straps on your heel. If this doesn’t help, try something else to keep your feet in place!

So, what can you do? a Well, we’ve put together a list of a few possible fixes to this problem.

How to Stop Feet Sliding Forward In Shoes?

The angle of high heel shoes will always make them more difficult to wear. Unlike typical flat shoes, your feet fight against gravity, but you can prevent sliding using the appropriate techniques. Our first option is simple yet helpful for certain individuals.

1. Use Double-Sided Tape on the Inside of Your High Heels

Most individuals struggle with their feet slipping forward in heels because their shoe insoles or feet are slippery. If your insoles are slippery, the double-sided tape may be the fix you need.

Adding double-sided tape to your insole can increase the traction inside your high heels. It implies that they will be less prone to move when you put your feet in your shoes.

You can use many different body tapes, like this Braza Flash Tape. It is preferable to utilize random adhesive tape. Note that you may need to change the tape after wearing your shoes since dust, grime, and fluff will naturally make the tape less adhesive.

2. Use Talcum Powder To Soak Up Foot Humidity

 Talcum powder is a very common bathroom product that might prevent forward movement. Talcum powder and other foot powders are excellent for absorbing moisture and keeping your feet fresh.

There is no need to overinvest. A modest amount of powder in the soles of your shoes should be sufficient to solve your issue.

3. Use Foot Lotion To Prevent Sweaty Feet

The next solution to the issue of feet slipping forward in heels is to apply foot lotion. Not just any foot lotion, but one carefully formulated to prevent sweaty feet.

Regular foot lotions are more likely to cause your feet to slip forward in heels because of the lubricating effect of the moisture. 

Moisture-eliminating foot creams that reduce perspiration prevent your feet from moving by eliminating moisture.

4. Wear Inserts to Prevent Feet From Sliding Forward

You may have a problem with your feet sliding because your shoes do not fit you as well as you would want them to. At some point, we have all purchased shoes that looked terrific but maybe a little too big. 

You might have purchased narrow heels to attempt to resolve the issue, but doing so may have created more agony. Insoles may be of tremendous assistance in correcting shoe-fit concerns.

Insoles come in various forms and sizes based on individual concerns. You may get foam insoles for comfort or orthotic insoles for foot problems. Find some insoles that will address the issue.

5. Ankle Straps May Prevent Sliding Feet

The ankle straps on your high heels are a terrific design option and stop your feet from sliding forward in shoes. The additional strapping stabilizes your Foot, allowing you to walk without difficulty.

6. Stop Foot Slipping With Foot Deodorant.

Consider how sweaty your feet are when walking if you want to know how to prevent feet from slipping forward in heels. If excessive moisture is causing your feet to slide in heels and flats, you must take action to eliminate the issue.

How to choose the right shoes so your feet won’t slide forward

Here are some tips on how to stop your feet from sliding forward:

Proper fit

Make sure that the shoes fit your feet properly. If your shoes are too big or small, your feet may slide forward. It is important to measure your feet accurately and choose the right size.

Shoe material

Look for shoes that are made from materials that can grip your feet. For example, leather or suede shoes can help prevent your feet from sliding forward.

Toe box

Ensure that the toe box of the shoes is wide enough to accommodate your toes. Shoes with narrow toe boxes can cause your feet to slide forward.

Heel support

Choose shoes that provide good heel support. If your heels are not supported properly, your feet may slide forward in the shoe.


Consider using insoles to help prevent your feet from sliding forward. Insoles can provide additional cushioning and support to keep your feet in place.

Following these tips, you can choose shoes to prevent your feet from sliding forward and enjoy a comfortable and safe walking experience.

Why do shoes and heels make feet slip forward?

When you stand straight in a shoe, your weight is spread equally throughout the whole shoe (the heel and toe), but with high heels, your weight is often just transferred to the heel’s tip. 

When the heel is raised, and weight is placed on the end of the heel, the Foot slides forward effortlessly. Since your toes are at a sharper angle than your ankles, your feet will slip out of high heels.

Why do shoes and heels make feet slip forward

The excess toe box space in shoes that are too large leads the Foot to move forward and the heel to protrude. If you want to stop your feet from sliding forward in shoes, choose shoes that are your exact size or possibly 1/2 inch larger.

If none of the above fixes apply to you, then your Foot is slipping because your shoes have little grip, either because they are new or because the bottoms are excessively polished.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I know if my shoes are the right size?

To determine if your shoes are the right size, make sure there is about a thumb’s width of space between your longest toe and the front of the shoe.

Can I use baby powder to prevent feet from sliding forward?

While baby powder can reduce friction and absorb moisture, it may not provide a long-lasting solution. Consider using inserts or other methods mentioned in the article for better results.

Are there any specific socks that can help with feet sliding forward?

Non-slip socks or moisture-wicking socks with rubberized grips on the sole can provide traction and minimize sliding.

How often should I clean my shoes to prevent sliding?

It is recommended to clean your shoes regularly, depending on usage and exposure to dirt. As a general guideline, aim to clean them at least once a month.

Should I wear thicker socks to prevent my feet from sliding forward?

Wearing thicker socks can add padding and help fill any excess space in your shoes, reducing the likelihood of sliding. Experiment with different sock thicknesses to find what works best for you.


We understand how annoying it is when the Foot slides forward with each stride. I hope this article on how to stop feet from sliding forward in shoes will help you solve this annoying problem.

Many individuals have difficulty keeping their feet from slipping forward in shoes and heels. Yet, it is feasible to discover a solution that works for you if you use the appropriate strategies and materials.

Investing in shoes with strong arch support, using inserts or insoles that ensure a solid fit, and engaging in foot-strengthening activities are all ways to prevent your feet from slipping forward.

To lessen the chance of discomfort and suffering, it is crucial to choose shoes that fit well, give the appropriate degree of support, and make any required modifications to your stride and posture. 

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