How to store shoes for long term

How to store shoes for long term? Best 11 Ways

When most people think of storing shoes, they think of the short-term solution of stuffing them into a closet or under a bed. However, there are long-term storage solutions for shoes that can keep them in good condition for years.

In this blog post, we will explore Eleven different ways to store shoes for long term. We will also provide tips on how to choose the right storage solution for your needs.

So, whether you have a shoe collection that you want to preserve or you just want to make sure your shoes are stored properly to avoid damage, read on for information on How to store shoes for long term!

How to manage footwear?

How to store shoes for long term

All of us have different pairs of shoes for different porpoises, some shoes we can’t use more such as party wear, hiking shoes, sneaker shoes, school shoes, best running shoes for causal runners, dress shoes, sports shoes, and office shoes. All these footwear we can’t use at regular biases, so to increase the life of our footwear we keep them managed and properly store.

If we can’t care for them and do not properly store them, they will be damaged and we can’t use them anymore. We want to store our shoes but don’t know how to store shoes for long term? In this article, I’m going to share with you some ideas about the store of your expensive, stylish, and seasonal shoes. Are you ready to read this article?

Instruction to store your shoes:

  • Your shoes will be cleaned and polish
  • Make sure your shoes are dry completely if you use any wet cloth to clean them
  • Polished and conditioned your shoes
  • When you clean your shoes, remove the laces from your boots and sneakers
  • Make sure the sole of your shoes is cleaned and they have no dust and any other thing in it

A different method to store shoes:

There is a different method to store footwear for a long time. To follow all these instructions and rules you must increase the life of your footwear.

Clean your shoes:

when you put on your shoes for long-term storage you must clean your shoes properly. To store leather shoes must condition and clean them. Some type of shoe needs conditioning but most don’t need it. If you clean your shoes with a wet cloth, before storing shoes dry them very well.

Remove your shoelaces after cleaning, brushing, and drying your shoes. Before packing your shoes give them a final brushing and cleaning and replace the shoelaces.

Use a shoe bag for storage shoes:

Whenever you want to store your shoe for the long term must put your shoe in a shoe bag before storing them in a shoebox or container. Using a shoe bag to store shoes gives extra care and protection to your shoes in their storage box or container for a long time period.

But avoid leather shoes packed in a plastic bag, because they need properly breath during the storage period.

Use an original shoe box:

Choose a suitable container to pack your shoes when you plan how to store shoes for long term. The cheapest option to store uses a cardboard box that your shoes that were originally packed.

Whenever you store the shoes, boxes stack uniformly and nicely, and labeling the boxes it’s an easy way to find out the shoe whenever you wear anyone.

Using a shoe rack for storage of your shoes:

How to store shoes for long term 2

Store your shoes in a shoe rack or shelf is the best option for frequently wearing shoes. When you put your shoes on a shoe rack or shelf make sure your shoes are completely dry. To keep your shoes fresh and dry use a wood, metal, or plastic shoe rack that allows good air circulation.

You can make a handmade shoe rack if you are interested in the craft. To make a handmade shoe rack you can get a lot of ideas on the internet and choose one of the best and easy methods to make your shoe rack. This is the cheapest way to store your shoes.

Using a shoe tree to store your shoes:

Use a cedar shoe tree daily if you have Haigh quality shoes or boots or if you have the best long-distance running shoes for men. During the storage to extend the life of your shoes shoe tree helps you a lot. Shoe tree gives you absorb moisture. When you wear the shoe, you have surprised that how much moisture accumulates from sweat.

During storage, the shoe tree protects the leather insole from cracking as they contract and dry and also saves your shoe from smelling. During storage shoe trees also maintain the shape of your shoes and boots. When you put your shoes as a self-storage shoe tree will ensure you’re your shoes look good when you use them again and maintain their shape and feel.

Using a silica Gel pack to store your shoes:

To prevent the growth of mold and remove the dampness from your shoes, add a silica gel pack in the shoe container when you store your shoes for the long term.

The shoes that are made from fragile materials and light in their weight must put a silica gel powder in their container or box during storage. As summer shoes, espadrilles, and crock soles tolerate molds very poorly and silica gel packs must use in such types of shoeboxes and containers.

Using acid-free tissues for stuffing shoes:

During long-term storage of your shoes to retain their shape you should stuff your shoes with balled-up paper, this method helps you a lot to maintain the shape of your shoes.

For these purposes using tissue paper is the best option but make sure that the tissue paper you used is acid-free because the acidic tissue can damage the material of your shoes.

Avoid using newspaper because it’s not acid-free and their print may be damaging the color of your shoes. Don’t use extra tissue paper because they damage the shape of your shoes, use just a few pieces of paper that maintain the natural shape of your shoes.

Using a hanging shoe rack:

How to store shoes for long term Hanging shoes rack

To manage your shoe collection hanging shoe racks are the easiest and quickest way. In any closet space, they will be hanging very easy.

In 1 set of hanging, shelves rack you can be able to put 15 to 16 pairs of your shoes easily and they beat piling your shoes up on the floor.

You can adjust these racks in your wardrobe, and any other place easily. But make sure your shoes are dry and clean when you save your shoes in hanging racks. You should hang these racks in a normal atmosphere.


You have invested a lot of amounts in your shoes. You should give them proper care and store them in a normal atmosphere to extend their life.

In the above article, I discuss different methods about how to store shoes for long term. When you store your shoes the main thing that you keep in your mind is that your shoes should be polished, clean, and dry. Because when you put your wet shoes for storage,

they will be damaged and not be able for next time use. If you follow all the instructions that are explained in the above article and choose any one method that you like to store your shoes, I’m sure that your shoes will not be damaged and they can’t lose their shape during the storage period. Read the article carefully and share your opinions. Thank you!