How To Tie Shoes Quickly

How To Tie Shoes Quickly? 2 Powerful Method

Do you want to know How To Tie Shoes Quickly? A few days ago, I went to receive my niece from school. A teacher present there was tying the children’s shoes very quickly. I was surprised by the way they tied their laces. A desire arose in my mind to learn this art, and I stood there and began to carefully and closely consider the idea of ​​tying their laces.

I was more impressed when I saw that she is tying the laces to the shoes in a few seconds in many ways.

Despite tying the laces so fast, she was tying the laces so tight that the child would dash, but the lace knot would not open automatically. I had understood the art of tying lace while standing there for a while. Now all I needed was to try one by myself.

I found a way to connect the lace very easily on the first try, and now I had more than one way to make a strong tie in the lace.

Maybe you will not believe it, but every one of the methods that I have learned to tie the lace takes less than half a minute, and the knot of the lace also binds so tight that it cannot open on its own, but if you open the knot intentionally It is effortless.

Do you also have a strong desire to learn this art, then you have to go through with this article till the end and then believe that you too will have mastered the art of lace tying. So let’s start the shoelace tie session’ within no time. 

Bunny Ear Method

Bunny Ear Method

So the very first method of tying shoelaces is the “Bunny ear” method. This is the easiest and fastest method of tying shoelaces. I have explained this method step by step to avoid any trouble while tying your shoelaces with this method.

So if you wanted to observe this method, go through the steps thoroughly, which I have mentioned below…

Step 1: Threading Through The Shoe

So first of all, you have to thread the lace from each of the holes in the shoe in such a way that out of the two holes, in the beginning, the lace comes out opposite to each other.

(If you are teaching someone else how to tie the laces, then direct the toe of the shoe to it and make sure that they are focused and able to notice each action done by you correctly so that they don’t face any problems doing this in the future).

Step 2: Forming A Cross And Tying

Now hold the left side lace with the left hand and the right side lace with the right hand. Cross one less over the other less and tie them from their respective ends. Now tie both ends of the laces together. It would be even better to ensure no space left between the laces and the shoe material. Got it? Great. So let’s move forward to the next step.

Step 3: Loop Making

Now take the left lace in the respective hand and rotate over your forefinger so that a loop is formed, and repeat the same procedure for the right place as well with the help of your right hand. (The circles look like a children’s ear, which is why this method is known as the bunny ear method). Interesting, isn’t it?

Step 4: Tying The Loops

Now turn both loops in the opposite direction of each other so that the coils are tied together. Your shoelaces are now fitted better.

This is the most common and easy method I have mentioned above. In just two or three tries, you will learn the “Bunny ear method” perfectly. Once you have tied the lace tightly by this method, the lace will not face the technique of the untidiness of the laces automatically.

The Circle Method

The Circle MethodHow To Tie Shoes Quickly

It’s time to look at the second method of shoe tying, known as “The Circle” method. Let me explain this method using some of the steps used previously:

Step 1: Threading Through The Shoe

 Here is an advantage for you: the first step of this method is similar to the bunny ear method. You need to thread the lace from each of the holes in the shoe in such a way that out of the two holes, in the beginning, the lace comes out opposite to each other.

“If you are explaining this method to someone else you just need to demonstrate the toe of the shoe towards them so that they can observe your actions clearly.”

Step 2: Making A Cross And Tying

 After threading the laces into the shoe holes, you need to hold both of the laces by using your hands. (Hold the left side lace with the left hand and the right side lace with the right hand).

Make a cross by taking both of the laces and letting one lace go over the other and pulling them tighter, and making sure they are forming a knot touching the shoe material.

Step 3: Forming A Circle

Again you need to hold the lace likewise the second step and tie both laces loosely. Notice if a mini circle is formed there in the middle of the shoe. If yes, then you’re on the right path.

Step 4: Loop Making

Now thread any side of the lace through under the circle but over the other side and follow the same procedure for either side of a shoelace. You will have two loops to follow the following steps coming up. Must observe and follow them carefully.

Step 5: Tying The Loops

If your loops have been formed, pull the laces back in such a way that the laces are tied well. Your shoe has been tightening perfectly right now.

This method is not popular as the “Bunny ear” method, but once you are familiar with this method, it would be an easy task to do. It would help if you practiced it whenever you are tying the shoe.


These are some methods that you can follow to tie the laces of the shoes perfectly. Have explained each of the methods steps by step thoroughly. I hope you’re transparent with the procedures written above. Let me know your queries in the comment section below if you aren’t.

So here the blog (How To Tie Shoe Laces Quickly?) ends. I hope you find it helpful. Stay tuned to our blog to receive such helpful articles and blogs. Thanks for reading this blog. Stay safe. So this is all about How To Tie Shoes Quickly.

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